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Megan Sloat, CNM, MPH

Founder, Aurelia Childbirth Education

A Certified Nurse Midwife

In my 12 years as a midwife, I have worked with a diverse collection of families and caught hundreds of babies; from a rural hospital in Kenya, to a private practice in Western MA, to a community health center in Iowa. 

Working in Women's Health Since 2004


With a Master's in Public Health from Boston University, a Master's of Science in Nursing from the Yale School of Nursing and a baseline commitment to reproductive justice, I have been a friend to a mom in Africa who learned her HIV status shortly after giving birth. I have been a doula, laboring through long nights with women doing the hardest physical work of their lives. I have studied public health systems and policy and how it all affects the women in your community. I have spent hours learning the mechanics of labor and how to best care for women in labor. 

I have worked with amazing midwives and inherited the depth of their intuitive practices.  I have led Centering Pregnancy groups, listened attentively to the stories of many families, done thousands of prenatal visits and caught hundreds of babies.  And now I am truly excited to offer childbirth education in Ames, as I am a huge believer in the power of knowledge and community to usher families through the transformation of childbearing.  The curriculum is informed by my years of experience with labor and birth and also by various methods of natural childbirth education including the Bradley Method, Hypnobirthing, Birthing from Within, Spinning Babies and Centering Pregnancy.  

Mission & Vision

The word Aurelia is semantically related to the word cocoon or chrysalis - something that encloses another thing, especially to protect it. 


This is our mission, to provide a safe and warm place for transformation. Becoming a parent, becoming a family, taking on the challenges of pregnancy and birth-- it's big work.  And we want to be along for the ride to support you. 


We value in-depth, evidence-based education, critical thinking, listening, acceptance and equity.   We hope you and your family will join us to learn, connect and grow, in whatever particular ways suit you.  

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